Monday, May 19, 2008

Marcy's 50th birthday dinner

I went to San Francisco for my sister Marcy’s 50th birthday celebration and ate and drank the most wonderful food and wine. We went to a very small restaurant on May 7, 2008, which was her actual birthday, just Marcy, my younger sister Deana and me. The restaurant is called BAR CRUDO. Here is what we had.
To start with, Kushi Oysters and sparkling wine. I also ordered the asparagus soup that came with a dollop of crème fresh and tobiko. Marcy and Deana ordered the lobster for dinner, but I needed to experiment so I ordered the small plates starting with the Artic Char served with a creamy horseradish, wababi infused tobiko and dill. Wonderfully delicious and the wasabi infusion was a real treat. I then had the Yellow Fin Tuna, which was served with ginger soy, sriracha, scallions and cilantro. Yum! But I wasn’t done yet. My last dish was the Lobster and Beet salad, Main lobster, chioggia beets, golden beets, pistachio oil, burrata cheese, banyuls vinaigrette topped with mache. I was in food bliss and this was only the first night.

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